Jun 29, 2012

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN, 1950S / 1960S

‘Given the images people see on TV, many conclude Afghanistan never made it out of the Middle Ages. But that is not the Afghanistan I remember. I grew up in Kabul in the 1950s and ’60s. Stirred by the fact that news portrayals of the country’s history didn’t mesh with my own memories, I wanted to discover the truth.

‘Remembering Afghanistan’s hopeful past only makes its present misery seem more tragic. But it is important to know that disorder, terrorism, and violence against schools that educate girls are not inevitable. I want to show Afghanistan’s youth of today how their parents and grandparents really lived.’

- Mohammad Qayoumi

"A laboratory at the Vaccine Research Center."

"A villager welcomes visiting nurses to his compound."

"Biology class, Kabul University."

"Cabinet in session."

"Central control panel at Radio Kabul transmitter. Transmitter can be heard as far distant as South Africa and Indonesia."

"Fresh fruit bazaar."

"Furniture display room."

"Gulbahar Textile Plant is one of the most modern in Asia."

"Hundreds of Afghan youngsters take active part in Scout programs."

"In the absence of dependable international peace, national defense plays an important role in the affairs of the nation."

"Infant ward at feeding time."

"Kabul is served by an up-to-date transportation system."

"Kabul University students changing classes. Enrollment has doubled in last four years."

"Most hospitals give extensive post-natal care to young mothers."

"Mothers and children at a city playground."

"Park Cinema, like many others, provides the needed entertainment."

"Recording room pre-records many interviews, special service programs for delayed broadcast."

"Sarobi hydro-power plant on Kabul River is one of the country’s foremost power stations."

"Skilled workers like these press operators are building new standards for themselves and their country."

"Student nurses at Maternity Hospital, Kabul."

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Jun 29, 2012

Get Jiro! Preview: Here’s a preview of Get Jiro!,…

via Eater Seattle by Shalini Gujavarty on 6/28/12

Get%20Jiro.jpgHere’s a preview of Get Jiro!, Anthony Bourdain’s about-to-be-released ultra-violent graphic novel that following a young sushi chef as he deals with “chef warlords” in a dystopian culinary future. It includes an Alice Waters clone named Rose who violently tortures a chef for serving tomatoes out of season. Flip through several pages, this way. [Eater National]

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Jun 29, 2012

'Star Wars That I Used To Know' Gotye Parody

Jun 28, 2012

Time-lapse video chalk art of 3D Mario

via Boing Boing by David Pescovitz on 6/27/12

Time-lapse of chalk artist Chris Carlson creating an amazing 3D Mario piece. It took him eleven hours to complete.

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Jun 28, 2012

Spot On Okami [Pet Cosplay]

via FashionablyGeek by Sean Fallon on 6/27/12

Okami Amaterasu cosplayed by Dante the dog. Photographed by GanguroLove.

(via Cosplay Blog)

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Jun 28, 2012

Mind-Blowing 3D Pencil Drawings by Nagai Hideyuki

via TwistedSifter by Sifter on 6/27/12

Nagai Hideyuki is a 21 year old artist from Tokyo, Japan. His recent series of 3D artworks using only paper and pencils have been spreading like wildfire online. And for good reason, his drawings are truly incredible. His typical set up involves two sketchbooks. One placed upright against a wall while the other lays flat on his desk. This simple set up is the environment for his anamorphic art.

What’s really neat is that Nagai switches up the angles so it’s not always the same viewpoint (these artwork only work when viewed from a specific angle). Most are from a 45-ish degree angle with a handful from a head-on perspective. Another cool trick is the incorporation of props like erasers and toy cars into his work. This inclusion of actual physical objects breaks down a barrier between his art and the ‘real world’.

You can find Nagai online on his personal website, deviantART and Facebook. Be sure to check out his entire portfolio! We’re looking forward to more awesome work from this up and coming artist!



3d drawing with color pencils and two sketchbooks perpendicular. artists hand visible for reference




3d art with pencil on two sketchbooks




3d art with colored pencils




head on perspective of 3d pencil art two sketchbooks perpendicular




drawing various shapes to look 3d on paper




3d pencil art on one sheet of paper




3d art using just a pencil and paper with artists hand to reference




3d scene using only pencil and paper




3d art with pencil looks like hand is reaching out to offer you something with actual object placed in hand




head on angle of 3d drawing with pencil




3d art using actual toy car for enhanced effect




3d pencil art head on view







3d art of character drawing 2d art on a wall




3d art of hand touching artists hand





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Jun 28, 2012

14.9mm SOP Rifle & Cartridge

via The Firearm Blog by Steve (The Firearm Blog) on 6/27/12

The 14.9mm SOP is an incredible extra long range rifle project that a number of people at Snipers Hide have been collaborating on. The huge rifle fires a very long and heavy projectile with a high ballistic coefficient giving it extreme accuracy. It has 0.5 MOA accuracy at 3000 yards and remains supersonic out to 5400 yards (5 kilometers).

Photo taken at XLR Industries.

The 14.9mm SOP cartridge case is formed from a 20mm Vulcan case. The 1,690 grain projectile leaves the muzzle at 3,350 fps with 42,104 ft/lbs of energy (that is not a typo!). This is almost twice the muzzle energy of the 14.5×114mm Russian and 14.5mm JDJ. It has more kinetic energy at the muzzle than a 20mm Vulcan, and far more kinetic energy downrange, although the Vulcan is carrying an explosive payload (chemical energy).

The first test fire …

I love seeing people push the barriers.

[ Many thanks to Mark for emailing us the link. ]

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Jun 27, 2012

Miami Heat owner sues blogger over photo

via Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza on 6/26/12

Miami Heat stakeholder Ranaan Katz is suing a blogger over an “unflattering” photo published online, reports Tim Elfrink in The Miami New Times. In the lawsuit, Katz claims copyright violation; coincidentally, the blogger—who has not removed the photo at his site—is a noted critic of Katz. Katz’s lawyer, Todd Levine, even threatened the New Times in a Streisand-tastic effort to prevent it running a story about his lawsuit. [New Times via GigaOm]

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Jun 26, 2012

This Is What Happens When You Dump Trash In A Volcano

Jun 26, 2012

50 Really Creative Billboards

via TwistedSifter by Sifter on 6/25/12

Last week’s post on creative floor stcikers was well received, so I thought I’d do a follow-up post on really funny and creative billboards. I spent last night going through hundreds of examples and there’s a ton of really impressive work! As a former ad agency employee, I always have fun doing these kind of compilation posts. Here are 50 clever, funny and creative billboards for your enjoyment and inspiration.

For a really great archive and resource of advertisements (of all mediums), I highly recommend Ads of the World. They do a fantastic job of cataloguing ads and are a great source for inspiration.



beer billboard using light to create shadow of person reaching for a beer




billboard of person ripping up actual billboard with teeth to promote toothpaste




lego billboards made from actual lego pieces add creativity to landscape

Made from actual LEGO pieces!




hand coming out of billboard to grab heineken bottle




economist billboard with lightbulb that lights up when you walk past




billboard for magic show with top hat and birds coming out of it

There is birdseed in the top hat so it looks like birds are flying out of it!




snowborder doing big air grab off billboard




billboard with painter painting the sky




mars billboard tongue stuck to mars bar on a second billboard




the dark knight billboard




hot wheels billboard adds loop to highway




green billboard with plants to suck up carbon coca cola




billboard for razors showing grass cut leading up to billboard and giant razor




anti-billboard promoting clean space and air

Anti-billboard by Lead Pencil Studio and funded by the U.S. GSA. More info here




creative billboard for people who stutter




billboard that shows tires smoking doing a burnout




american psycho business card billboard




billboard that only uses a small portion of the space to promote water conservation




mini car billboard for xenon lights shining into sky




billboard looks like pantone chip card of blue sky behind




bmw audi billboard war in los angeles




tylenol billboard with headache using big boulder




cnn billboard showing theres more to a story

billboard showing there is always more to a story




billboard with large slingshot telling backseat passengers to buckle up




billboard shows interrogation using billboards own light




coca cola billboard shows apartments with straws into large coke bottle




hangman puzzle drink or drive but only do one of them last two letters of each work blank




cutout of hair on billboard to show different dyes as daylight changes throughout day




billboard showing off strength of tape using mock tape to hold up billboard




billboard against tailgating shows crumpled truck accident




billboard swing with protractor to teach kids about angles







adidas oliver kahn billboard




billboard that makes you look like you have an afro




billboard for apple ipod







billboard showing hose knotted to conserve water




star wars episode three billboard with lightsabres




billboard with solar panels




billboard of people taking pictures and flashes paparazzi




mcdonalds billboard like sundial shows different food for different time of day




ponds billboard shows woman hiding face with part of billboard because of pimples




billboard for bubble gum shows gum all over trees from big bubble




billboard made from pencils




billboard wars stella chalice




funny billboard says different message if you just read the words in big font but there is small print too




ad shows silhouette of person alien creepy behind foggy glass




adidas billboard with plants growing on it




mcdonalds billboard shows fries box with lights shining upwards like french fries




tropicana ad lit up by actual oranges

Billboard is actually lit up using real oranges inside the billboard



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Jun 26, 2012

Sonic CEO Dane Jasper Still Fighting User Data Retention Laws - The Telecom …

For much of the last decade the U.S. government has been trying to force data retention requirements on ISPs, most frequently under the banner of fighting child pornography. New bills seem to pop up every year or so, though privacy advocates have traditionally beaten such efforts back. Mandatory ISP data retention was something you’ll recall was a priority for the Bush/Gonzales Justice Department, and (much like warrantless wiretapping) is now being championed by the Obama Administration Justice Department.

While law enforcement and many ISPs have supported such a puch, Dane Jasper, CEO of independent ISP Sonic.net, last summer blogged that his company is strictly opposed to such data retention practices because they create an “attractive nuisance” by creating privacy and security concerns for users. Forbes is running an interesting piece about how Jasper is still fighting data retention pushes, and how he’s been angered by BitTorrent extortion settlement efforts against what are often innocent users::

An individual would download a movie, using bittorrent, and infringe copyright. And that might be our customer, like Bob Smith who owns a Sonic.net account, or it might be their spouse, or it might be their child. Or it might be one of his three roommates in a loft in San Francisco, who Bob is not responsible for, and who rent out their loft on AirBnB and have couch surfers and buddies from college and so on and open Wifi.

When lawyers asked us for these users information, some of our customers I spoke with said Oh yeah, crap, they caught me, and were willing to admit they engaged in piracy and pay a settlement. But in other cases, it turned out the roommate did it, or no one would admit to doing it. But they would pay the settlement anyway. Because no one wants to be named in the public record in a case from So-And-So Productions vs. 1,600 names including Bob Smith for downloading a film called Don t Tell My Wife $@!% The Babysitter.
While Comcast and Verizon have recently been standing up to similar data requests from e-book or porn publishers, they’ve been cooperating with other efforts in their industry (film/television). Meanwhile, Jasper’s not just standing up against the danger of data retention and BitTorrent mass lawsuits, he’s fought everything from covert user clickstream sales to snoopvertising to annoying domain redirection ads. Jasper is the kind of telecom executive that deserves huge kudos for standing up for users — when most of his contemporaries in this industry are busy disregarding consumer welfare at every opportunity to make a few extra bucks.
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Jun 24, 2012

GardenNinja is winning our first game of the day, so Weinhandler. #gwj

Jun 24, 2012

If Dungeons and Dragons cartoons depicted real RPGs

via Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow on 6/23/12

Here’s 13 minutes’ worth of the old (rather dreadful) Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, overdubbed with plausibly banal and profane dialog from a group of RPG players whose campaign the cartoon depicts. It’s pretty danged funny in places, though 13 minutes is a bit much for the one-note joke.

Dadtucks (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

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Jun 24, 2012

Miami-Dade Police Drone Spotted Over Memorial Day Weekend Partiers [Video]

via Gizmodo by Andrew Liszewski on 6/23/12

After perfecting them overseas in military situations, it was only a matter of time before the government and law enforcement would start using aerial drones for monitoring US citizens back home. And that time is now, as partygoers in Miami recently discovered. More »

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Jun 22, 2012

Only in Seattle will you find Portal graffiti in the men’s room.